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@Armenian_Eagles @PROChessLeague @Shakhmamedyarov @iam_abhijeet @suryachess64 @NihalSarin @reachvsara @Rameshchess @chesscom_in @HospitalsApollo As again, our excellent team of @reachvsara, @PriyadharshanK & captain @Rameshchess will appear for Live Commentary of the match from 07.15 PM Indian Standard Time today, Monday the 17th Feb 2020 at

We have a special guest at Commentary Box for the @indian_yogis match against @RussiaWizards! It's going to be 'Luke Skywalker' @rpragchess along with his 'Yoda' @chessgurukul for the live commentary co-hosted by @PriyadharshanK at from 21.30 IST!

(Yogis vs @ChessPandas) is going to be the most anticipated match of the season in the Eastern Division. WE are ready!! @Rameshchess @PriyadharshanK @reachvsara @Shakhmamedyarov @HariChess @suryachess64 @GMNarayananSL - India@chesscom_in

Amazing weekly roundup with top highlights from @PROChessLeague here!!

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