Unique approach and easygoing attitude

For the last 5 years, I have worked under GM Kannappan and thoroughly enjoyed it. With his help, I was able to break 2000 FIDE. His kindness and dedication towards me have helped me grow as a player. GM Kannappan supports his students in any way possible whether it’s preparing for the next round opponent or answering late night questions. He has helped me create a strong repertoire and targeted my weaknesses in each lesson. My tactical play, positional thinking, and endgame skills showed growth over time through my results at tournaments. Our lessons start out with positions that showcase a specific motif or theme then onto top-level games where I apply the specific theme/motif when finding moves that the super grandmasters played. His unique approach and easygoing attitude keep me engaged and passionate about chess. I am very lucky to meet GM Kannappan and I highly recommend him to everyone of all playing strengths.